Choosing a Stress Test

Whether to choose a ‘stand-alone’ VO2max Test or combine it with a sports physical exam depends on what you need, on the health problems you want examined, or on whether or not you want to claim the costs on your supplementary health insurance. Answer the questions below to choose the right test for you:

Overview of the different test options

The table below shows the components and prices of the various Tests.
We carry out the exercise tests and sports medical exams with VO2max and Lactate measurement as standard.

Choosing a testVO2max TestVO2max + (limited)
sports medical exam
VO2max + extensive
sports medical exam
Inscyd TestINSCYD + (limited)
sports medical exam
Cycling or RunningTriathlonCycling or RunningTriathlonCycling or RunningCycling or RunningCyclingRunning
Duration (in minutes)701107512090140150180
Price (VAT included) - 2024€155
Fitness level and training:
Weight and Fat%
VO2max, Aerobic and Anaerobic threshold (=FTP)
Training zones (heart rate, power/speed)
Lactate testing
FatMax, Carbmax
Sports medical examination in partnership with SMA Olympia*:
Blood pressure
General physical exam
Resting ECG
Exercise ECG
Eye check
General orthopaedic exam
Specific orthopaedic exam
Lung function test (spirometry)Depending on medical historyDepending on medical history
Blood test (Hb, cholesterol)+€30

Medical declaration
Covered by your insurance?

Yes, depending on
supplementary health insurance
Yes, depending on
supplementary health insurance
Yes, depending on
supplementary health insurance
*SMA Olympia = SCAS accredited and affiliated with Netherlands Federation of Sports Medicine Institutions (FSMI)
Prerequisite for Inscyd Test:
FTP>3Watt/kg (cycling) or 10k<46min (running)


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