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We have various Test options, with or without a Sports Medical Examination. Look in the Test overview for the differences and prices. We perform all exercise tests with VO2max and lactate measurement as standard.

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It is possible to cancel or move the test free of charge up to 48 hours before the appointment. If you want to change the appointment afterwards, we will charge 50% of the costs.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the VO2max (or Inscyd) Test covered by insurance?
Yes, provided you combine the VO2max Test with a sports medical examination and your supplementary insurance policy includes reimbursement for a sports medical examination. These are options 4 through 7 in the Test overview. A sports doctor from SMA Olympia is present and they meet all the conditions of the insurance.

What type of Test do I need for a medical certificate?
If you combine the exercise test (VO2max or Inscyd) with a Sports Medical examination (options 4 to 7 in the Test overview), the sports doctor can sign a medical statement.

Which is the best choice for me: a VO2max Test or an Inscyd Test?
The added value of an Inscyd Test depends on the number of times/hours you train per week and your level. For most endurance athletes, a VO2max Test will provide enough information. The extra information from an Inscyd Test will only have added value for you if you train at least 3 times a week, train with a power meter as a cyclist and have an estimated FTP (for example from Zwift or a 20-minute test) of at least 3W/kg. Or as a runner, if you can run a 10 km under 48 minutes (4:48min/km).

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