Sports Testing

When it comes to testing your fitness, we offer various options: cycling or running, with or without a Sports medical examination. As standard, our stress tests include a measurement of the air your inhale and exhale to determine your VO2max. Our tests will also determine your anaerobic threshold (FTP) and training zones. You can add lactate testing to the VO2max Test to measure acid levels during the test.

If you want to have an ECG made during a VO2max Test and/or want to claim the costs on your supplementary healthcare plan, we can combine the VO2max Test with a Sports medical examination. Besides an exercise physiologist, a sports physician of SMA Olympia will then also be present during the test. SMA Olympia is SCAS accredited and affiliated with the Netherlands Federation of Sports Medicine Institutions (FSMI), meaning that they comply with conditions set by health insurers (see supplementary health insurance policy for cover details).

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Background information

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On-site testing

We can also come to you to do VO2max Tests and/or Sports medical examinations. You can then do the test on your own bicycle, which we will mount on our Cyclus2 cycle ergometer. For running tests, you need to have a good treadmill available. On-site testing is subject to a minimum of 7 tests/exams per day.

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If you are training with a power meter, you can also do an INSCYD Test. This is a test protocol with separate exercise blocks. We input the data into the INSCYD software, which will subsequently determine the VO2max and VLaMax based on the lactate levels and the power delivered. Read more about the INSCYD Test.

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