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Sportadviesbureau ConTest specialises in testing and monitoring athletes. Want to know if you are on the right (training) track for your sporting challenge? Curious to find out what your training zones, threshold, or VO2max are?
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21 april vindt het @VvBN
symposium plaats in Utrecht, met als thema 'De impact van de ...bewegingswetenschappen'. Meer informatie en het aanmeldingsformulier kan je hier vinden:

A common mistake I see:

Athletes only wanting to test when they're already in great shape.

The ...purpose of a test isn't to boost your ego, it's to train at the right intensity for where you currently are & to better dial in how training (high & low) shifts the curve for you.

Cramping and electrolytes:

"runners who suffered [cramping] did not exhibit a greater degree of ...dehydration and electrolyte depletion after the marathon but displayed significantly higher concentrations of muscle damage biomarkers"

A reminder: The 20-minute FTP test is a shortcut. AND you HAVE to do the 5-minute "blow-out" test ...before your 20-minute test in order for the 20minute x .95=FTP to be close to what you actually can do for 60minutes. IF you really want to know your FTP, go for 60minutes.

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