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Sportadviesbureau ConTest specialises in testing and monitoring athletes. Want to know if you are on the right (training) track for your sporting challenge? Curious to find out what your training zones, threshold, or VO2max are?
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Inspiratory Muscle Training Program Using the PowerBreathe®: Does It Have Ergogenic Potential for ... Respiratory and/or Athletic Performance? A Systematic Review with Meta-Analysis via @MDPIOpenAccess

My YouTube channel now has 10 videos on exercise physiology, including lots on thresholds and ... intensity domains, lactate threshold, critical power, warm-up, and long covid. Hope you enjoy watching them as much as I did making them.

It is not just about the legs: respiratory frequency is strongly associated with perceived exertion ... during cycling time trials

Have the confidence in your training to be proactive with rest & rest days instead of reactive. ... Reactive rest days are better than no rest days (!) but they are a response to a problem, instead of prevention of the problem. This difference adds up to far more lost training days.

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