Lactate testing

During a VO2max Test or Sports medical examination, we can also test your lactate levels. Lactate testing sees us measure acid levels during the different levels of intensity of the test. How much lactate we have in our blood, which we measure by taking a small blood sample from the earlobe, is the result of the production and (re)use of lactate.

What is particularly interesting to measure is how these lactate levels develop, as that provides extra information about your fitness level. Is your base endurance level good enough? Up to what heart rate can you exercise to raise your base endurance level? How long can you keep going ‘in the red’? It also helps determine the threshold.

On top of that, lactate levels are an indicator of the rate at which you burn carbs at a certain intensity level. This is because your body can only produce lactate by using carbs as fuel to meet your energy needs. There is, therefore, a direct link between current lactate levels and performance during long endurance activities, even when the intensity level is below your threshold and acid levels are not rising.

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